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Medical Uses Of Botox Injections

The majority of plastic surgery procedures use Botox injections. Botox has many medical benefits inclusive of plastic surgery uses.

Plastic surgery uses Botox for slimming procedures. The lower cheeks are injected by Botox to slim down the face.

Facial lifts are performed with the help of Botox injections. The injection is administered around the eyes to raise the tail of the eyebrow and remove mild drooping upper eyelid. Botox elongate the forehead and makes it appear smoother than before. Botox gives the nose a rhinoplasty appearance and magnifies the lip line for it to look seductive.

Botox injections treat robust and stubborn acne. Acne is a condition that arises in puberty and sometimes it gets challenging to get rid of it.

Botox removes scars of cleft lip surgery in babies. Botox holds muscles together until the baby heals.

Crossed-eyes is a disorder that can be treated by Botox. Some people suffer from low esteem which can plunge them into depression because of cross-eyed condition; therefore, they need treatment to eliminate the condition.

Botox is efficient for treating severe migraines. The patients who have wrinkles are given Botox to remove them, and they experience fewer headaches because of the elements that are in it. They are other medications that help in treating migraines, but Botox is used more than the other drugs. The neck, head and other body parts are used by doctors to inject Botox. One gets another injection of Botox after three months because that is how long its effect lasts.

People who have an overactive bladder experience list of urine as they need Botox to tighten the bladder. Overactive bladder is most experience in women after childbirth.

Excessive sweating under the arm is embarrassing, but Botox helps to eliminate this condition. The doctors use Botox to treat excessive sweating of the hands and feet.

Open heart surgery can cause abnormal heartbeat but doctors use Botox to bring the heart to a normal heartbeat rate. Abnormal heartbeat is treated immediately the doctors notice it because it is detrimental to the health of a person.

Botox alleviate depression. Botox is used in beauty therapy to enhance the facial appearance of a person which lowers depression in the end.

When a person who visits the doctor because of early ejaculation problem, doctors use Botox injection to alleviate this condition. Sometimes the person will experience delayed ejaculation instead of premature ejaculation when they have erectile dysfunction.

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