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Planning to Ship Car?-Here are Some of the Things that You Should Do Prior

By and large, if you are planning to have your car shipped, one of the most important things that you should consider doing is to have contracted an auto transport company to help prepare the car for shipment. By and large, the auto transport company’s services are basically geared towards ensuring that your car is well sheltered and protected while being shipped from point one to the other.

While this is so, it is a fact that there are some things that as a car owner you need to ensure that you have done as you seek to have the car well prepared and readied for shipment by the auto transport company. Below is a quick look at some of the things that you should consider doing as you seek to make sure that your car is well prepared for shipment by the auto transport companies.

One of the things that you need to do is to clean the car. The reason for this is looking at the fact that soil and residue there may be on the car can so effectively conceal dents, dings and scratches that may be caused your car in the process of shipment and as such to ensure that these are not hidden, then having the car washed before handing to the shipment company will be a wise move. Should there be any scratches, dents and dings on the car prior, then you need to consider having these photographed so as to ensure that they are clearly showing before you finally have the car for shipment by the auto transport company.

The next step to take is to have all your valuables in the car removed. All personal items and electronic devices, jewelry items and the like should all be removed from the vehicle as they are not covered by the insurance policies of most auto transport companies and as such in the event that they get lost during transport, you will not be eligible for compensation. If at all your car has any loose or removable parts, it would be equally important for you to consider having such removed or secured before your car is finally handed for auto transportation.

Moreover, you should consider the need to check the bill of lading as well as you prepare the car for shipment. By and large, the bill of lading is all but that document that tells the carrier the necessary details about the car to be transported, that is the vehicle, where it is being shipped from and where it is to be shipped to.

Over and above this, you should as well consider doing a maintenance check on the vehicle before you finally have it for shipment.

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