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Simple Ways of Overcoming Driving Phobia

As a first-time driver, you will feel anxious, but this should not worry. However, if you aren’t a first-time driver and you feel anxious each time, it could be that you have an underlying driving phobia. According to experts, driving phobia is triggered by a number of factors such as horrible experiences and fear of accidents. Some of the signs of driving anxiety include loss of mental clarity when driving, dizziness, heart racing, and sweating, to list but a few. Driving anxiety ought to be addressed immediately; otherwise, it might progress and yield detrimental effects. Do not allow your phobia for driving run your life. Listed below is a list of the things that you can do to overcome your anxiety.

Try Out Desensitization

Facing your fears directly is a good mechanism that you should consider trying it. This approach is, however, hard to implement. You can desensitize yourself in a couple of ways. Firstly, you can start by sitting inside your vehicle and turning on the engine. You should do this for at least a week. After this, start driving over short distances, maybe, within your block. It is easy to assume that avoiding situations that cause anxiety is the best thing to do. No, it will not; on the contrary, it will make them worse. Desensitizing yourself from what you fear most will make you numb to the extent that you will forget and overpower all your fears.

Implement Relaxation Therapy

Fear causes a lot of tension. What is the right course of action to take when tension overwhelms you when you are on the road? Is walking out of your car the best thing to do or should you try to relax and get over the tension? In most cases, people choose to run away. If what you want is to treat your driving phobia, then jumping out of your car is not the right thing to do. You can fight tension by trying out abdominal inhalation. Inhale a lot of air gradually, each time your body starts to tighten. After doing this, you should exhale gradually. Repeat this until your tension subsides. Besides abdominal inhalation, relaxing your muscles is another technique that you can try out to eliminate tension. Fold your knuckles and keep clenching and un-clenching them. This practice will make sure that you stay conscious of what is happening and also calm you down. Staying positive can also go a long way in tackling driving anxiety.

You will face many difficulties while trying to beat your phobia for driving. This should not, however, keep you from trying and staying focused on your goal to get over your fear. Do not shy away from enlisting for professional assistance, if things get out of hand.
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